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janice mae therapy

authenticity - courage - meaning
|janice mae clarke, MA, RP
|call: (289) 812-1825 
|email: janice@janicemaetherapy.com
"I understand myself better and feel my confidence growing."
about me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I hope to have the privilege to walk alongside you, in your moment of need, to find or rediscover meaning, to recover, to grow, and to thrive.

my approach

As an existential therapist, I use a range of approaches keeping the focus of our sessions on the freedom and responsibility to discover meaning and choose how you respond to anxiety or adversity.


getting help

      Like you, I have experienced life’s highs and lows. I draw from these experiences when I offer understanding and support to my clients. I recognize the courage it takes to ask for help and that it represents a brave first step in the pursuit of personal well-being.


     You will find our sessions a safe and caring place to really be heard and express what is troubling you most.  Collaboratively I join you in seeking resolutions to your concerns in an up-close and in-depth way to gain a richer understanding of your circumstance.

      If you are experiencing a significant life change like grief, marital break-up, illness, job loss, becoming a new parent, leaving home, or empty-nest you may be feeling anxious, sad, or afraid.

Whatever is distressing you, I can help you recognize your internal strengths, external resources, and the proactive life-enhancing options that are available to you.




Smiling Mature Woman

Individual therapy tailor-made to address your unique needs and concerns. Find meaning during life's most difficult transitions.

divorce & separation

Recovery, healing, thriving, and peaceful co-existence are achievable goals after the difficult life transition of divorce or separation.

grief & loss counselling

Image by Anthony Tran

Losing a loved one can be one of life's most difficult transitions. Are you trying to make sense of what has happened and find meaning in life now that they are gone?




Group therapy offers unique benefits such as a safe place to experience respect, validation, and support.

 “I have some grand notions in my head, but they often fall by the wayside when I’m sitting at the table talking with one person, hearing all that has happened in that one life.”


– dorothy day

"When we are no longer able to change a situation –
we are challenged to change ourselves."
--- victor frankl