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Separation and divorce pose unique challenges for maintaining well-being for all members of a family unit. I offer therapeutic support for adults during the difficult transition of marital separation and divorce.  I also provide therapy and educate co-parents committed to amicable living.  Divorce recovery may include healing, personal growth, gaining a deeper appreciation for relationships and how to make them work, and creating a healthy atmosphere where all members of your family thrive. 


Parents are uniquely positioned to create a safe and loving home that represents their values and what is most meaningful to them.  Children thrive when parents are committed to these goals. Families are a system where every member can benefit from psychotherapy during transitional moments. Gains made to one part of a system can positively impact the whole.


which therapy is right for you?


Individual Divorce Recovery 

One-on-one meaning-oriented therapy to answer existential questions like who am I now after my divorce or separation and what comes next?  Sometimes divorce and separation leave individuals needing additional support for maintaining or regaining well-being during this difficult transition.


Co-Parenting Therapy

Therapy for separated or divorced couples who desire a healthy co-parenting relationship post-marital dissolution.  Amicable co-parenting is challenging but is the best case scenario when children are involved. This therapy is suited for parents committed to moving forward in their own lives and creating a stable life for their children in the process.  


Reflective Divorce Therapy 

Do you need a safe place/reprieve to thoughtfully consider your pain, emotions, unfinished business, responsibilities, and viable options when you believe your relationship may be over?  Reflective Divorce Therapy is designed to eliminate pressure to reconcile while still providing a safe place to contemplate and make difficult decisions.  


Parental Alienation Therapy 

Have you experienced the trauma of parental alienation?  Psychotherapy can help alienated parents to free themselves from the imposed trauma experience, restoring their psychological health despite immense grief and loss.

Blended and Step-Family Therapy

Blending a family and becoming step parents can be a challenging process.  It can take several years for a family to adjust to their new dynamic.  Family members who learn to respect each other and use patience to let new bonds develop at their own pace have the greatest success.  

Meaning-Centered Group Therapy for Divorce and Separation (MCGT-DS)  

This six-week group therapy is based on Victor Frankl's book, "Man's Search for Meaning". This recovery group is offered several times throughout the year for up to six individuals at a time. This group simultaneously provides both recovery therapy and the support of others sharing the same experience. For more information, click this link:

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